Components of MediaBankGold


Digital Asset Management (DAM/MAM)

The heart and soul of MediaBank stores and organizes your documents, images, videos, and e-mails. It's a central repository of the files that flow through your organization, including sales, customer service, legal, public relations, advertising, and marketing.


  • Supports all file types including images, documents, video, audio, e-mail, etc. with unlimited metadata options

  • Control file edits with versioning while automatically converting multiple renditions of the file

  • Smart folders, associations, and taxonomies intelligently group and relate assets

  • Improve decision making and communication with configurable dashboards and reports

  • Establish seamless integrations with other systems using flexible import and export tools

  • Secure permissions and data structures prevent unwanted access and enable digital rights management


Enterprise Content Management (ECM/MAM)

Working directly within their authoring applications, Creative teams can better focus on creating quality materials. Meanwhile, the business is able to speed production schedules and increase the integrity of published data.

Adobe® Creative Suite 6® & Creative Cloud® Integration

Access media natively within the major applications of the Adobe® Creative Cloud® suite.

Microsoft® Office Ribbons

Access media from PowerPoint® , Word® , Excel® , and Outlook® Integration.

Intelligent Document Links

Receive automatic notifications as content within your documents is updated.

Outlook® Synchronization

Some of your most important events happen in e-mails and calendars, now it's time to leverage this information.


Business Process Management (BPM)

Instead of just storing assets, kick it up a notch by actually serving content up to your users. This paradigm shift increases accountability and measurement, streamlines operations, and enables new automation possibilities.


  • Define the criteria and dependencies of required tasks to define workflow(s)

  • Attach a project of steps to workflow tasks with due dates and responsibility assignment

  • Manage the performance of marketing campaigns and schedule other important activities

  • Intelligent rules and automated actions streamline manual repetitive tasks


Analytics Engine (AE)

MediaBankGold now incorporates a robust Analytics engine that automatically collects data regarding system and asset usage. All of this information is presented to administrators and users via graphical charts, called Dashboards.

Administrators Dashboards

Administrator dashboards include information such as login sessions by Client type, Asset count by Asset Type, file disk storage usage, search performance, etc. All Administrator Dashboards can be viewed with current information or across a selected historical period, such as last quarter or year.

Users Dashboards

User dashboards include their current count of checkouts, current workflow Tasks, completed workflow Tasks (including early, on-time, and late), downloaded Assets, etc. All User Analytics are presented with the User's current information, their own historical averages, and the historical averages of the Roles for which the User belongs to.

MediaBank Reports

Built upon its Export capability which provides specified File Renditions and XML files which include Asset metadata information. For Reports, the Asset Renditions and XML information is run against an XSLT style sheet to produce a configurable Text, PDF, or HTML Report. This open, standards-based mechanism provides a great deal of flexibility in customer's ability to customize the output Asset-based Reports.

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