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Whatever your industry...

With MediaBank Gold you have a centralised library to store all of your digital assets, whether it be images, videos, creative work in progress or documents such as briefs, presentations and artwork, and share it across all departments within your organisation.

With everything in one place your team know exactly where to go to find material, and all approved users can access, browse, search and download what they need.

They are also able to rapidly download files in a range of formats. Crop, resize, reformat and mask all within MediaBank Gold.

Importing digital assets into MediaBank is as simple as dragging and dropping the file into MediaBank, which will then automatically generate all previews, thumbnails and transformations defined upon the cataloguing process.

Any And All Asset Types

Regardless of the file types you work with, MediaBank is ready to handle them.

Powerful Searching

From simple word searches to complex formulas, quickly find the Assets you are looking for.

File Version Control

Track, review, and control historical file edits to mitigate risk of data loss.

Granular Permissions

Share globally with the Security to prevent unwanted access delivered via Access Controls Lists (ACLs).

Flexible Data Model

Manage your information the way you want with unlimited metadata attributes and classification structures.

Exports & Imports

Custom reports and hands-free system integrations are at your fingertips.

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